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  • Tambunan 4x4 Challenge

Tambunan 4x4 Challenge

8 - 11 Jun 2017

For those of you who would like to test your extreme road driving skills and four-wheel drive machine, come and join the Tambunan 4x4 Challenge. There’s no shortage of dirt road and rivers to drive through in Tambunan, making this perfect place for you to meet and get together with like-minded extreme road drivers out there. Test your skills by navigating through the back roads of Tambunan.

Location Map

Tambunan 4X4 Association
Event Venue
Circuits around the villages of Tambunan
Contact Person
Mr. Stephen Sibir/ Mr. Rocky Jerome Budin
+6013 865 8579 (Mr. Stephen), +6013 852 4444 (Mr. Rocky)