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  • Tambunan Eco-Tourism & Music Festival

Tambunan Eco-Tourism & Music Festival

25 November 2017

The enchanting valley of Tambunan is home to many beautiful places, exciting adventures and wonderful talents. Discover what Tambunan has to offer by visiting the Eco-Tourism Exhibition that will be held during the day, and meet with our tourism agencies to find out what they have to offer for both tranquil and thrill seekers alike. Then spend the evening away with family and friends as we transform the Pisompuruan Square into an open theatre; and treat your ears, eyes and soul to the wondrous local talents all born and bred right here in the Singer’s Valley, or as locals affectionately calls it: the Singer Factory. Sing and dance to your heart’s content as our artists entertain you with dances and songs that can be enjoyed by people from all ages and walks of life.

Location Map

Tambunan District Office
Event Venue
Pisompuruan Square, Tambunan
Contact Person
Mr. Thomas Logijin, Ms. Ellfy
+6011 3315 0991, +6016 802 5366

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