White Water Rafting

Three main words you would need to know venturing into this sporting activity; rapid, whitewater and raft.  Rapid is the turbulent areas of a river. White water occurs when a river forms bubbly and frothy water which is white, due to rapids. Meanwhile, a raft is used to navigate through the river.

Whitewater rapids are classified into six categories. Class 1 which means it’s a smooth river with hardly any rapids to Class 6 which is suitable only to those seasoned experts. Class 3 and 4 will give you exciting, adrenaline pumping, wild fun rides, with limited risk.

In Sabah you could experience white water rafting at Padas River which gives you Class 3 and 4 rapids, while Kiulu white water rafting is more suitable for family with children as it gives you Class 1 to 2 rapids. All rafts big and sturdy, with an experienced expert guide who controls the steering of the rafts.

Looking for some serious wet and wild fun? Then white water rafting is for you!

Last reviewed: April 30, 2024

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