Sabah Advisory
Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Dream Now, Travel Later to Explore and Experience,
Sabah, North Borneo.



We would like to assure, that the safety and security of all visitors remain a top priority for Malaysia. The Malaysian government has implemented stringent measures to maintain security across the country, especially in areas frequented by tourists. We encourage all visitors to stay informed and exercise normal safety precautions during their stay. Please remain vigilant, avoid high risks areas, and follow the advice of local authorities. Thank you for your attention and understanding.

In Sabah, The Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) is responsible for maintaining security in the eastern coastal areas of Sabah, including in the vicinity of the Sulu Sea. Overall, Sabah offers a unique and enriching travel experience for visitors. By following these guidelines, using licensed tour operators, respecting local laws and customs, and staying informed through ESSCOM, you can enjoy a safe and rewarding journey in this stunning destination.



There is so much to explore in Sabah from coast to coast, and we encourage you to experience Sabah through our idyllic beaches and Islands, our warm hospitality and unique culture, our nature and adventure, and appreciate our wildlife and the underwater. Immerse yourself among Community Based Tourism offerings as we aim to travel responsibly and sustainably.

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To ensure your safety while traveling in Sabah, it is important to follow general safety guidelines. Be cautious of your surroundings, avoid displaying luxurious belongings, and be vigilant of your belongings at all times. It is also recommended to avoid isolated areas, especially at night. In all outdoor activities or any that have Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), we would like to remind travelers to observe the guidelines to minimize any issues.

You may also find the list of Emergency Carelines for your reference here: Emergency Carelines


When planning your itinerary in Sabah, ensure that you book your tours and activities with licensed and reputable tour operators for quality service and a safe and enjoyable experience while exploring the region. Licensed tour operators are well-versed in the local customs and regulations, making them a reliable choice for your travels. The list of agents and accommodation providers can be referred to from MOTAC or MATTA.


Respecting local laws and customs is essential when traveling in Sabah. Be mindful of cultural differences and adhere to local customs, such as appropriate dress codes and behaviour in religious sites. It is also important to show respect towards the local communities and their traditions. By being mindful of local laws and customs, you can avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings or legal issues during your stay in Sabah.

We hope you journey with us as we continue to showcase our amazing Sabah that offers you the best from mountain high to ocean deep. So do follow us on our 
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JULINUS JEFFERY JIMITChief Executive Officer