Smiles go Miles

People come in different shapes and characteristics, but that’s what set them apart from each other. With heritage being a massive part of Sabah’s history – people constitute more than half the experience you have here. Your holiday begins from when you disembark the flight at Kota Kinabalu (KK). From the security guard to the immigration officers, they have a smile that actually welcomes you (in comparison you meet people at the airport in some countries who are so irritated with more people entering the country – you feel unwelcome).

After a long flight into KK, you might be tired and sleepy, but the moment you step out of the doors of the airport – you have a smile that covers your entire face. For some people it could be because of the sun hitting your face or it could just be your face – but for me it was seeing people greet you with a big smile. Indians have a problem smiling, they cannot smile until they know someone (god knows is it to do with genes or the fact that we have a billion people) in contrast to going to a new country and being greeted by absolute strangers with a smile that lights up your day. Our tour guide Hazel from Borneo Trails & Tours had captured our attention the moment we met her (I don’t know if grumpy us deserved it, but we got a lovely welcome). The best way to look at a new place is through the eyes of the locals and that’s exactly how the events transpired.

The Bajau Cowboy
Last reviewed: December 14, 2018

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