Bohey Dulang

Legend has it that Princess Salamia from Bum Bum Island was hidden by her family in Bohey Dulang, to avoid an arranged marriage to an ill-famed Sultan from the Southern Philippines. She was turned into a fairy and hidden by the spirits after her vanishment. From a geology perspective, the island was formed from remnants of volcanic activity. Bohey Dulang is the second-largest island amongst the Tun Sakaran Marine Park Islands.

Approaching Bohey Dulang

To get to Bohey Dulang, you will need to take a 30-minute boat ride from Semporna mainland. You will need to wear covered shoes on this challenging but rewarding hike. You can also rent the practical and sturdy Adidas Kampung shoe at a nominal fee. The newly established route allows only for a one-way route; 700 metres heading up, and 600 metres heading down, aided with some staircases along the way. Day trips to Bohey Dulang include trips to other neighbouring islands as well and can quickly be booked through tour agents in Semporna.

The difficulty of the hike up is highly dependent on your stamina. But fret not for those who are less fit, you will be mesmerized by the beautiful view upon reaching the top and that Instagrammable moment, it what makes the hike all worth it. “Super exhausting but worth the trip” would be a common expression for visitors.

Open Daily from 8am to 4pm.

Bohey Dulang
The Peak at Bohey Dulang

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Article last reviewed: April 30, 2024