Borneo Ant House

Wonder no more; newly open Borneo Ant House is Malaysia’s first underground gallery. Located in Tuaran, the main attraction is divided into 3 rooms. When entering the ‘nest’, the walls are filled with crawling ants. Each and every ant replica is not molded and decorated with handmade sculptures. There are 463 ant replicas inside.

The second gallery is filled with the cultures from 4 ethnic groups, Bajau, Dusun Lotud, Iban and Bidayuh. Bajau and Dusun Lotud make up the majority of population in Tuaran whilst Iban and Bidayuh makes up the biggest ethic group in Sarawak.

To further enhance on these cultures, the Sword Gallery shows the history of Borneo as they were once known as headhunters. The collection of swords are symbols of great power from different ethnic groups of Malaysian Borneo.

Apart from the main attractions, visitors can enjoy a canopy walk, visit a modern tree house and have a meal at the cafeteria or stop by the souvenir shop for handmade local handicrafts.

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Article last reviewed: March 12, 2021

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