Kamagi Riverside Retreat & Recreation

Get lost in the peacefulness and calming nature of Kamagi Riverside Retreat and Recreation in Kampung Kibunut. The burbling sound of the rocky river combined with the fresh forest breeze exudes a relaxing atmosphere that compels any nature lover to stay.

Either you are here just to escape the city or coming for a picnic, the place allows visitors to enjoy a range of activities with friends and families. While there, take a dip in the refreshingly cool river that provides an escape from the heat. Those who keen to explore, can sign up for jungle trekking around their fruit orchard or simply take a tour around the village. Bird enthusiasts might even find this a great place to have a leisure bird watching.

Chalet, campsite, open hall and barbeque pit are the common facilities provided for visitors’ convenience. If you are thinking of renting a hut for your next recreational outing, we recommend booking ahead as it is most popular on weekend.


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Contact: Mr. Paul Gokung

Article last reviewed: December 2, 2021

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