Kampung Sumangkap Gong Factory

For large groups of visitors, the villagers of Kampung Sumangkap will often hold cultural performances in the Kampung Sumangkap Community Hall where the kulintangan (a set of different sized gongs producing different sounds) is to be played. Here, visitors will also have the opportunity to witness the method of gong making by the professional gong makers in the village.

Further information
For visitors who are interested, day trip is offered by local tour agents. The normal price for a day trip inclusive of tour to the Kampung Gombizau Honey Bee Farm, the Rungus Longhouse with lunch and the Tip of Borneo is approximately RM250. For more details, please contact local tour operators.

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Tourism Director
Mr Ronny Makuut
Mobile: +6011 25070991

Article last reviewed: June 16, 2022

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