KK Heritage Walk

First stop is Australia Place- one of the oldest established sections of Kota Kinabalu. Today many backpacker lodges are found here as well as printing companies. A quick pit stop at the Museum Kopitiam gives you a glimpse of a bygone era. The Kopitiam (coffee shop) stays true to its original concept back in the 40s, complete with framed photographs of pre and post war days adorning its walls. The walk then brings you to other historical buildings and monuments such as the Atkinson Clock, Community Centre, Sabah Tourism Building, Jesselton Hotel, Malaysia Monument, War Memorial and the City Council Building. For added fun, a short treasure hunt is conducted. This is where you should keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Apart from getting a historical tour of Kota Kinabalu, the walk is a great opportunity to experience the city’s sights and sounds. The KK Heritage Walk conducted by professional licensed tourist guides. It is priced at RM120 a day and includes a tea break, batik bandana and the KK Heritage Walk booklet.

It includes tea break, batik bandana and the KK Heritage Walk booklet.
The opening hours is now daily departures
Time : 9am – 11:30am (approx)
Admission fee is RM120

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Ms. Grace Leong
KK Heritage Walk

Article last reviewed: July 30, 2021

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