Kolosunan Eco Tourism

Kolosunan Eco-Tourism although remotely located in the interior of Kolosunan village at Inanam, is packed with outdoor adventures to look forward to. The area is one of the Babagon Dam Water catchment areas inside the Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve. If you are a nature-lover and have a weakness for an outdoor adventure, then you will enjoy the Kolosunan Eco-Tourism.

Aside from the attractive nature view, hiking trails will direct you to its beautiful waterfall and serene looking river. There’s also the opportunity to camp, catch and release fishing, bio-edu tour, nature interpretation tour and doing tree planting initiative. Here, you can learn all kinds of skills – differentiating traditional herbs, discovering unique living things and a chance explore Dusun’s exotic culture and traditions. As the saying goes, the best storyteller is from the native themselves.

The setting up of Kolosunan Eco-Tourism, has since improved the socio-economy of the local villagers while progressively promotes this emerging eco-tourism destination to the public. Contact the coordinator or your travel agent for this arrangement.



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Kolosunan Eco Tourism
Jeffrey Abun (Coordinator)

Article last reviewed: August 17, 2022

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