Libaran Island

Credit: Jensen Chua

Libaran Island also has a number of activities for visitors to take part in namely, turtle sighting, scuba diving, sight-seeing as well as getting on-board on a river cruise. For visitors who love all things related to turtles – you’re in luck because Libaran Island is the perfect place for you! Libaran Island has a turtle sanctuary whereby visitors will have the opportunity to release baby turtles from the hatchery as well as witnessing turtles coming onto the shores of Libaran Island to lay their eggs. On Libaran Island, Walai Penyu Resort is the one and only resort on the island which offers extraordinary accommodations for visitors who intend to spend a night or two at Libaran Island. Apart from that, one of the unique facts about Libaran Island is that visitors are also able to witness Sabah’s breathtaking sunset view as well as the crystal blue waters surrounding the island.

Credit: Jensen Chua
One could travel to Libaran Island by taking a flight from Kuala Lumpur or Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan then request for an airport transfer from Sandakan airport to the island. In addition, Libaran Island has also been categorised by World of Buzz as one of the enchanting spots for an exciting escapade in Sabah.

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Article last reviewed: September 14, 2022