Maglami-Lami Water House

Just about 30min boat ride off Semporna jetty is the Maglami-Lami Water House. A budget floating resort that offers a 360-degree view of turquoise water around you. From a distance, the Bohey Dulang island can also be seen from the water house.

In Maglami-Lami Water House, the fun literally begins at your doorstep! Visitors can arrange for dive session, hiking, kayak or snorkel all day long with just a dip from their balcony or the sundeck.

The resort is powered by a generator and offers basic accommodation facilities for visitors. However, each room comes with a ‘million-dollar view’ that will make anyone happy and feel relax. Mealtime are scheduled but do not hesitate to make a request from the resort. They are happy to accommodate.