Orou Sapulut

Orou Sapulut is a community project aiming at improving the lives of people in the interior through tourism while also safeguarding the environment and preserving Murut culture in a responsible manner. It was founded by Mr Richard Gunting, the leader of the longhouse in Romol Village. Local communities from Sapulut’s several distant villages contributed time and effort to this initiative as boatmen, drivers, guides, hosts, cooks, and others.

This place is in the heart of Borneo, near the neighbouring Kalimantan region, and is 68 kilometres from Tenom district by land and a scenic boat journey.

A typical Orou Sapulut tour can be from 2 days 1 night to 4 days 3 nights packages. Travellers will get the chance to explore this countryside’s beauty of uncovering hidden waterfalls, Pungiton caves and if you are keen on getting to a greater height, the Batu Punggul climb is something unique to the area.

Enjoy a simple but pleasant camping adventure with your family. Alternatively, visitors can stay in a guesthouse or a homestay.




Booking for Orou Sapulut tour can be arranged directly with Orou Sapulut team or through tour operators.

Getting to this remote area requires pre-arranged vehicle transfer from the Keningau district onwards. However, travellers have the option to take the public coach bus to Keningau district by their own or have these transfer included in their package.

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Orou Sapulot

Article last reviewed: March 22, 2024

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