Tenom – Padas River White Water Rafting

Although classified as grade 3 and 4, on rainy season, the rapid could go up to grade 5 which means a more difficult challenges.  But do not let this disappoint you, the Padas River has also been rated to have some of the best and safest rapids in South East Asia.

This exhilarating excursion covers a distance of 9 kilometers – along this muddy looking 200km long river. There are 7 challenging rapids to look out for ; Merry-Go-Round Rapid, Break Point Rapid, Scooby Doo Rapid, Cobra Rapid, Curve Rapid, Lambada Rapid and Head Hunter Rapid. Each rapid is just as exciting as the name.

The white rafting tour can be booked ahead from most tour operators and the tour duration will usually take a whole day, so plan your trip wisely.  A single journey from Kota Kinabalu city to Tenom takes about 3 hours and from here, you will brought to the starting point via an unforgettable scenic train ride on an old-fashioned train.

At the end of the journey, you’ll feel quite warrior-like for your feat in conquering the Padas rapids. Three cheers for courage!


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Article last reviewed: April 14, 2023

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