Pulau Tiga Marine Park

Pulau Tiga claims fame after being the first-ever ‘secret’ location for the international US hit reality series, ‘Survivor’. Hence, many refer to Pulau Tiga as ‘Survivor Island’.

This lesser-known attraction is situated roughly 18km away from the West Coast of Sabah. It may be accessed by a 30-minute boat journey from Kuala Penyu jetty. The Pulau Tiga Marine Park has three islands, namely Pulau Tiga, Pulau Kalampunian Besar, and Pulau Kalampunian Damit, sometimes referred to as “snake island.” The park is named after Pulau Tiga, the largest island in the vicinity.

The islands were first classified as a forest reserve in 1933 and then as a Marine Park in 1978. The management and jurisdiction of the area falls within the purview of Sabah Park.

What distinguishes Pulau Tiga from the other islands is the presence of a mud volcano that is still actively spewing gaseous emissions. Mud volcanic baths have become popular island attractions and are thought to have medicinal therapeutic properties. Pulau Tiga mud volcano is one of the few spots in Sabah where the general public can witness this uncommon natural phenomenon.


Looking for some wildlife? Say hello to the island’s famous residents: snakes! The banded sea krait is prevalent in Pulau Tiga, particularly on Pulau Kalampunian Damit (Snake Island). ). However it is also common to spot the Paradise Tree snake along their forest trail. Macaques, monitor lizards, hornbills, anurans, and various type of butterflies and insects are common sightings.

Snake Island

Aside from the activities above, island visitors can spend their sunny days swimming, snorkelling, and diving at any dive sites surrounding the islands. Snorkelling and diving activities, on the other hand, must be pre-arranged with travel/dive companies. The island management does not offer equipment and boat rental.

Sabah Park also provides tourists with convenient facilities such as resting huts, public shower and toilet facilities, as well as chalets with family rooms, dormitory rooms, camping sites, and a fully equipped common kitchen.

Visitor has the option to self-drive to Kuala Penyu, however there is currently no fixed general public boat service to Pulau Tiga Marine Park. Transfers to the park must be pre-booked through a licensed tour operator departing from the Jesselton Point jetty or Kuala Penyu. Inquire from your local tour operator to set your seamless tour arrangement to Pulau Tiga Park.

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Article last reviewed: November 22, 2023

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