Tenom – Sabah Agriculture Park

The Sabah Agriculture Park houses a diverse species of plants set up in a nicely decorated landscape. Interestingly it is also a conservation centre for the native Orchids of Borneo. On top of that it serves the purpose as a training and education centre for agriculture, horticulture, apiculture, seed production, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry studies. Most visitors will find this place as relaxing but enriching experience.


Some of the areas in the park worth visiting are:

Native Orchids – There are at least 350 species being kept here, including many rare and endangered species such as the Elephant Ear orchid, the Rat-tail orchid and not forgetting the many species of Slipper orchids many of which are endemic to Borneo.

Crop Museum – This is an 8-acre living museum of crop plants where there are some 400 species of plants systematically planted according to their uses

Ornamental Garden – The Ornamental Garden comprises 21 distinct and well-landscaped gardens with each garden exhibiting its unique plants and flowers.

Plant Evolution & Plant Adaptation Garden – Get to see how plants adapt to the environments, from pond-life to semi-arid habitats. You will also get to see the amazing giant water lily from South America.

Model Garden – This garden has five smaller theme gardens to illustrate the different styles in which a garden can be modelled.

Other activities offered include jungle trekking, visit to the animal park, camping, trails and fishing.  Accommodation and camp is available for overnight guest.

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Article last reviewed: April 14, 2023

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