Sabah Tea Resort

Sabah Tea is Borneo’s sole and one of the world’s few organic tea farms. A visit to the tea garden is both educational and enjoyable, with guests able to participate in a range of recreational activities such as obstacle courses in the Sapaon Recreational Area, hiking the trails to the top of Kamunsu Hill, or taking a night walk to observe the unique insect life. The tree house at the Sabah Tea Garden and the Desa Deer farm is well worth a visit to this lovely resort plantation.

Visitors can, of course, take a tea factory tour and even wander about the tea garden when visiting a Tea Garden. Take as many photos as you like because, believe it or not, your front view will be a distant vista of the magnificent Mount Kinabalu.

Overnight guests have the option of staying in a classic long house, a cosy cabin, or a campsite for those who like to sleep beneath the stars. There is a soccer field, as well as an event venue, café, and souvenir shop.

Freshly made tea pancakes and Sabah Tea Pandan teh tarik, which are only available at the Tea House, are popular menu items. The restaurant has also become a popular dining destination for residents, thanks to its extensive menu, which includes everything from delectable traditional cuisine to commercial dishes.

A friendly reminder: No trip to the Sabah Tea Resort would be complete without a taste of Sabah’s finest tea! Enjoy freshly brewed tea or get few packs of tea leaves as souvenirs.

From Kota Kinabalu city, visitors can take a minibus or taxi from Jalan Padang Bus Station with directions to Kundasang/Ranau. Communicate with driver for drop-off at Ranau town and from there onwards, visitor will have to get a private charter vehicle.   Alternatively, one can self-drive, use e-hailing services from Kota Kinabalu City or enquire with their selected tour operator to add this excursion. If you are driving, Sabah Tea Garden is a two-hour drive from Kota Kinabalu and about 20 minutes drive from the Ranau town. The junction to Sabah Tea Garden is clearly marked with multiple signboards along the way.

* A variety of tour packages are available. Contact Sabah Tea Resort for more details.

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Article last reviewed: June 8, 2022

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