Sandakan Memorial Park

This site commemorates a tragedy and atrocity which struck Sandakan between January and August 1945.

The Memorial Park witnessed the death of approximately 2400 Australian and British prisoners of war held by the Japanese in the Sandakan POW camp, within the sight of Allied victory in the Pacific war.

Situated about 11 km outside of Sandakan, the former site of the notorious WWII prisoner of war camp now locates the suburb of Taman Rimba. The clearly sign-posted Sandakan Memorial Park is well maintained and beautifully landscaped, which makes it ideal for solitary soul-searching strolls.
The park also includes a small museum that serves as a memorial to the thousands of Australian and British who lost their lives in the hands of the Japanese during WWII.

The memory of WWII is emphasized by the rusting remains of an excavator and a generator and a boiler which still lie in their original positions near the steps leading up to a small Commemorative Pavilion.

Special memorials  – Anzac Day (25 April) and Sandakan Day Memorial (15 August) are commemorated annually in this park.

A must-visit for history enthusiasts.


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