Supirak Island – The Legend of Supirak

As the story goes, the son wanted to travel the world to seek fortune and so he left his mother, Supirak. After a few years making his fortune, his ship somehow found its way back to his  village. Supirak immediately recognized her son and was full of joy on his return. Unfortunately after seeing the mother in ragged clothes, the son was ashamed to acknowledge his mother and chased her away. Disheartened by her son’s action, she cursed her son which resulted in him, his ship together with his crew and the villagers of Malubang turned into stones including Supirak herself.

Apart from Supirak Island, there are also amazing rock formations near to this ship like formation, also related to the legend which are the Batu Berunsai, Batu Dulang, Batu Talam, Batu Gerawang including the freshwater wells found near the island.

To reach Supirak island, visitors can charter a boat from Malubang Village, Pitas or from Kudat Marina Jetty.