Supu Caves

Within the Pin-Supu Forest Reserve, there have been about 11 limestones caved identified. These caves are said to have unique interior cave formations, ancient artefacts and inhabited by many kinds of troglofauna.

Marked as an important archaeological site, similar to Agop Batu Tulug,  these caves used to be a burial site about 500 to 900 years ago. There are about 68 ancient wooden coffins discovered here and remains of human skeletons, beads and ceramics were found near the burial place.

In 2010, KOPEL began active conservation and restoration works in the Supu Limestones Caves to manage and restore the swiftlet population. If you are keen to explore this remote area, a tour to Supu Caves can be pre-arranged directly with MESCOT KOPEL or with your local travel agents.