Tagal Kampung Kinolosodon

Set in Kampung Kinolosodon, 38km off Papar town, is where you’ll find Tagal River Dolungan Sumbiling. Another area gazetted as tagal which means the area is probihited from any fishing activities for a certain period of time. The place has become a recreational space for visitors to enjoy the natural outdoor, picnic and of course the ever so ticklish fish spa massage.

Dip your toes, feed the fishes and wait for them to come ‘attacking’ your personal space. It may look aggressive but it’s entertaining to look at as they start ‘massaging’.

Entrance fee is applicable.

Product Contact

Ms. Cecilia - 019 8955039 / 019 8518924
Mr. Benignus - 010 9578360
Ms. Darina - 011 33887950

Article last reviewed: April 15, 2021

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