Timba-Timba Island

Much known for its long white sandy beach and photogenic landscape, Timba-Timba Island attracts island hoppers that look forward to picture-perfect beach holidays. Every corner is an opportunity to pose, snap and take more photos. Although there is no accommodation on the island, basic facilities like the toilets, shelters and beach chairs are conveniently made available for visitors.

Rest at the gazebo, lounge on the hammock or perhaps find your sunbathing spot by the beach. The alluring blue hues surrounding the islands make it so irresistible that you want to have a swim on it. Be sure to come prepared with your swimsuit and snorkelling gears! For divers, this is your chance to discover the macro life at the 10 dive sites around Timba-Timba Island. Frogfish, moray eels, barracudas and nurse sharks are commonly encountered here.

What’s even more interesting is the island’s efforts for turtle conservation. The frequent sightings of turtles around the island convinced that the place is a safe nesting area for turtles to lay eggs. The island has a turtle hatchery to hatch the eggs and once hatched, they will release the baby turtles carefully back to the sea.

Timba-Timba Island is usually packaged as one of the island-hopping stops. Either you are travelling directly from Semporna town or from your island resort, do inquire from your ground operator to include this on your island tour!

Article last reviewed: November 15, 2022