Walai Tokou Homestay

If you are heading to Kundasang Highlands and considering staying with a local host, Walai Tokou Homestay offers the most strategic place. The homestay is located at the centre of Kundasang small township and is one of the closest homestays to the main attraction in Kundasang, which is the Kinabalu National Park. You can imagine the daily magnificent view of the mountain seen from the comfort of your local homestay.

Not only that, you are easily connected to other famous attractions in Kundasang area such as the Desa Cattle Dairy Farm, Kundasang War Memorial, Strawberry Farm, ATV Borneo Adventure and is 13km away from Ranau town, home to other attractions like the Bombon Marakau Village, Sabah Tea Garden and Poring Hot Springs.

Walai Tokou Homestay offers a few other cultural introduction programmes to visitors such as language class, traditional games, traditional music lesson, dance and cooking class, farm tour and other local tours. Although there is nothing wrong with doing a self-tour at a new place, it is much more enriching to have a local host that can guide and elevate your experience.

If this is the experience that you are looking forward to feeling, contact Walai Tokou Homestay to make the arrangement.


Product Facilities

Basic Facilities

  • Toilet
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Café and Restaurant


  • Hiking
  • Traditional Games
  • Cultural Music & Dance Performance
  • Farm & Village Tour
  • Traditional Delicacies

Product Contact

Koperasi Homestay Walai Tokou Kundasang Berhad
Kohadie Watiman (Homestay Coordinator)

Article last reviewed: March 10, 2023

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