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  • The Rungus Kiansamung Festival

The Rungus Kiansamung Festival

20 - 21 Apr 2018

Head north to the village of Tinangol in Kudat for the Rungus Kiansamung Festival, also known as the Rungus "Strong Man" Festival. This local "strong man" festival will showcase various traditional sports, activities and rituals, including the Hontira (Rungus Traditional sport) and Mangagi- a fascinating ritual to summon the spirits of the Earth, Water, Sky to summon the spirit of Ansamung to bestow strength and power to the participants. The highlight of the festival is the Open "Strong Man" Competition also known as Kiansamung Competition. Apart from the masculine activities, you will also be able to enjoy traditional music and dances as well as Gimpuhut, the Rungus beauty pageant. Don't forget to taste the special local brew-Tinupak too!

Location Map

Rungus Strongman Association Sabah
Event Venue
Kg. Tinangol, Matunggong, Kudat
Contact Person
Stephen Nogiris Sabala
+6016 837 3910
+6088 663 187

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