KOTA KINABALU, 17 June 2022: Andrea Filmer has always wanted to bring her family to
visit Sabah. That wish was made possible after she won the #flymetosabah virtual letter
contest, leading her to win a travel voucher to Sabah worth RM5000.00.
Hailing from Penang, Andrea was the second main winner of the campaign after she posted
a video on her Facebook page about her kids interest to visit Sabah.
Sabah Tourism organized the ‘Fly Me To Sabah’ contest from 14 February to 14 April 2022.
Through this contest, participants were required to post their virtual letters to Sabah Tourism
via Facebook and Instagram and use the required hashtags to win their ‘bucketlist’ holiday.
“The #flymetosabah campaign has shown a promising result with a total of 245 eligible
entries at the end of the campaign. Our team also ran a mini #flymetosabah Matta Fair
edition held recently on the 9-10 April 2022 at the World Trade Center, Kuala Lumpur,” said
Noredah Othman, Chief Executive Officer of Sabah Tourism Board.
“The campaign has been able to stimulate domestic travel demands, especially since our
international border was not open until the 1st April 2022” she added.
Arrival statistics for March 2022 had shown an increased number of domestic visitors to
Sabah with a total of 119,399 arrivals that made up 50.9% of the total domestic arrival for the
same month pre-COVID 19 pandemic in 2019.
“I remember the day when the 14 th March winner was announced. I was making lunch and of
course, checking my phone on and off. I remember thinking that I shouldn’t't get my hopes up
and then chiding myself for that very thought as it's okay to hope and pray for the things you
want. Even so, later in the afternoon, when I saw myself tagged by the SABAH, Malaysian
Borneo social media account, I could barely believe my eyes. There was a lot of yelling and
cheering going around and all 3 kids started chanting "We are going to Sabah!” quoted
Andrea to Sabah Tourism Board
Andrea with her husband, Chong Han Yao and their three children aged 5-8 years old
recently returned from their bucket list Sabah holiday. They were in Sabah for 4 days visiting
various attractions around the West Coast. Among the places that they visited were Tunku
Abdul Rahman Marine Park, Klias Wetland, experiencing the North Borneo sunset cruise
and city tours.
“I think our visit was amazing. All our three kids are very different but across the whole trip,
Kota Kinabalu offered us so many unique things that each kid took to at different times. For
our youngest, it was snorkelling at the TARP islands and getting a glimpse at what lives
under the sea. Our middle child remains thrilled at seeing a live crocodile at the Klias river
and having his fill on the North Borneo Cruise ship. Our daughter loved the food and all the
places that allowed her to be in the water.”

State Government of Sabah, Malaysia
Location: No. 51, Jalan Gaya, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Postal Address: Mail Bag 112, 88993 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 6 (088) 212121 E-mail: info@sabahtourism.com
Fax: 6 (088) 219311 Website: www.sabahtourism.com
The #flymetosabah campaign has awarded 4 main winners with the most creative, unique,
and exciting ‘letter’. Eighty (80) participants received Sabah Tourism’s limited merchandise
The three other winners of #flymetosabah are Marcel George from Sarawak, Zaki Yusof
from Kuala Lumpur, and Siti Rohayu Aziz from Selangor. They are scheduled to travel to
Sabah between June to September.
The winning entries can be seen from www.flymetosabah.sabahtourism.com. 

Friday, June 17, 2022

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