Sabah Tourism Board Website Optimization; Available in 7 Languages

STB Website

Sabah Tourism Board (STB) is pleased to announce that its consumer based website is currently available in 7 other languages besides English. The languages are; Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Deutsche and Swedish.

“The decision to improve our website presence in native languages is based on research and data. While many are well versed in English, we understand that native content appeals more to readers. For China and Korea, although they are huge dependents on apps and referrals sites, our website still receives a good number of visits from these countries. The Russia market serves as a market we aimed to focus on more for 2020 pre Covid-19. This target may not necessarily change. As for consideration for the Dutch, Deutsche and Swedish translations, we benchmarked arrivals to Malaysia in 2019 against the arrivals of these nationalities to Sabah which we believe we can improve since they are already travelling to Peninsular Malaysia. We will continue to add on languages as of when necessary,” comments Pn Noredah Othman, General Manager of Sabah Tourism Board.

“Although some opine that websites are not the main go-to for travellers these days, we believe that if we provide valuable information and linkage to our travel industry, the website will be a relevant source.”

We look forward to when we can all resume travel, and in the meantime, will still continue to have soft-online presence in our key markets. An industry report found that travel search is still being conducted for Q4 2020 up to early 2021 and we believe that these internal improvements we are making during this period will complement our readiness for recovery when the time comes.

Link to website:  Sabah Tourism Board


Further Information please contact
Cassie Forsythe
Communications & Digital Manager


Friday, April 17, 2020

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