Semporna Marine Day – Spreading Awareness On Marine Conservation

KOTA KINABALU, April 23, 2019 – Focusing on spreading awareness on marine conservation, Guangzhou Asian World International Travel Co Ltd. has taken the initiative to organize “Semporna Marine Day”, a collaboration with dive operators in Semporna held from 22nd to 25th April 2019.

Activities set for this event are coral planting, underwater clean-up, a talk on marine conservation, as well as opportunity for participants of the program to be involved in the turtle adoption program at Mataking Island.

Lina Liao of Asian World International Travel Co. Ltd. led a group of 26 participants, namely from Guangdong Lions Club and Zhejiang Lions Club International District 386, including marine conservation experts, Miss Scuba International, underwater photographers, media, film director and divers from China.

“The purpose of having this Semporna Marine Day is to promote and raise awareness of marine environmental protection and we plan to make it a yearly event between March to July“, said Liao.

“Sabah Tourism Board acknowledge the efforts done by Guangzhou Asian World International Travel to help the development of tourism in Sabah. We would like to encourage others to do the same; to continue spreading awareness on how important it is for us to take care of our environment”, said Mr. Ken Pan, Chairman of Sabah Tourism Board.

To date, ten thousands of corals have been planted and more than 30,000 baby turtles have been released through this program, supported by Sabah Tourism Board, Tourism Malaysia, Malaysia Inbound Chinese Association, Sabah Parks and other related non-governmental organizations, and divers.

In conjunction with the Semporna Marine Day, Solar Street Light installation at Bum Bum Island will be initiated by Guangdong Lions Club, Zhejiang Lions Club International District 386 with a joint collaboration from Kota Kinabalu Lions Club. A total of 200 units of solar energy street lights costing to a total of RM100, 000.00 will be donated to the Bajau community in Bum Bum Island in order to provide a more convenient environment for the local residents.

Semporna Marine Day
Chairman of STB (in middle) welcoming the Asian World International Travel group at Kota Kinabalu International Airport
Wednesday, May 8, 2019

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