In recent years, Kudat has become a newfound surfers paradise and is ideal for surfing beginners, thanks to its gentler wave conditions. Surfing is known to have a meditative effect on people, which seems fitting for this small peaceful town.

If there’s a time to go, it would be best to plan between December and January since it is when the northeast monsoon will be at its peak. And the types of waves you can find in Kudat are beach breaks and reef breaks. Although it is perfect for beginners, intermediate and professional levels can all have an all around fun experience when riding the waves here.

Clueless on how to surf? The Sabah Surfing Association organises surf clinics, surf competitions and even a surf festival which is held annually, usually year end. Do check out for dates of the festival! So next time you plan to visit Kudat, bring a board with you.

Surfing Kudat
Last reviewed: July 8, 2022

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