Batu Punggul

The Murut community believe the Batu Punggul is heavily guarded by a Spirit. Legend has it that a long time ago, the Longhouse Bunggul community lived on the other side of the river.  One day, the longhouse community’s devilry act on poor domestic animals has angered the jungle spirit and turned them into rock as seen today.

The starting point for Batu Punggul climb begins in Tataluan Village where you will experience 10 minutes of joy ride on the unique longboat, to the foothills of the limestone. The adventure begins with river rapids, however, during the dry season of the year, manoeuvring of longboat can be quite a challenge and require teamwork.

After a short hike away from the river, the trail will lead you to the start of your limestone discovery. Beneath the tall piercing structure of Batu Punggul is a cave that dazzles visitors with the complexity of the natural wonder and cave dwellers.

The climb to the top of Batu Punggul requires good upper body strength as you will be grasping on the rock surface throughout your ascend. Those who enjoy rock climbing will find this adventure appealing to them. There is limited support structure hence it should be noted  that climbing is at your own risk. However, your guide will motivate and guide you along the way.

To many, the entire experience of conquering the giant rock gives a gratifying feeling.  On top of that, a rewarding 360 view of greenery awaits every climber at the peak.

There’s no mistake in choosing Batu Punggul to feed your craving for adventure. Even in the most remote part of Sabah Borneo, there are a lot more to explore like caving at Batu Tinahas (about 20 minutes trek), camping and discovering secluded waterfalls. The friendly Murut community will always welcome you with a smile and ready to guide your expedition.

Pre-arrangement of travel is necessary.

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Article last reviewed: December 2, 2021

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