MESCOT KOPEL Batu Puteh, Kinabatangan

MESCOT KOPEL is the Community Ecotourism Co-operative initiative for the Batu Puteh community in the Lower Kinabatangan. It was primarily set up to promote sustainable development with efforts to protect the forest habitat, wildlife and biodiversity of the Lower Kinabatangan ecology while preserving the livelihood of the local population.

There are 4 villages that make up the Batu Puteh community, namely – Batu Puteh Village, Mengaris Village, Perpaduan Village and Singgah Mata Village. These villages have formed their own ecotourism initiatives bringing livelihoods for the locals, encouraging skills developments among their community and manage the conservation of forest biodiversity.

MESCOT KOPEL also combines and coordinates the villages within the Pin Supu Forest Reserve, eco-tourism activities such as the Miso Walai Homestay Program,  Wayon Tokou Nature Guide Association, Mayo do Talud Boat Service, MESCOT Culture Group, Tungog Rainforest Eco Camp and Wetland Lake Rehabilitation.

Visitors are enticed to visit MESCOT KOPEL because it offers various kind of activities and makes any visitors generally feels closer to the knit community. Though conservation is their major effort, MESCOT KOPEL can arrange for a homestay experience, eco camp, volunteerism, jungle trekking, river cruising, birding, caving and so much more.

Their forest restoration programme is an on-going initiative to restore degraded floodplain forests. The efforts have resulted in planting more than 100,000 trees across different floodplain forest types and made the volunteering programme with MESCOT KOPEL more enriching.

For a sense of cultural, adventure, nature, and educational tour,  MESCOT KOPEL offers a unique experience to visitors with a close affinity to environmental conservation.

Product Contact

Jalan Ferry Lama Kg. Mengaris,
Mukim Batu Puteh,
90200, Kinabatangan

Article last reviewed: August 24, 2022

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