Mitabang Homestay, Kiulu

Mitabang Homestay is located at Tulung-Mantob village of Kiulu. A smaller district of Tuaran, reachable about 1.5 hrs drive from Kota Kinabalu city centre.The homestay overlooks the tantalizing Kiulu river and green terraces of paddy field.

Kiulu is also known as a hub for whitewater rafting adventure and traditional bamboo rafting thanks to its clear and unpolluted grade 2 rafting river. But there’s more to look forward. The Mitabang Homestay offers all kinds of activities for guests. Hiking, traditional games, buffalo ride, craft making, planting and harvesting paddy, rubber tapping are just some of the exciting activities offered. When in Kiulu, do as the local do. Although many of the villagers have progressed with modernization and works in corporate sectors, the communities embrace their traditional activities and still continue to make their culture known to visiting guests.

The Dusun community hold strong value to the practice of ‘mitabang‘ or ‘mogitatabang’ which means helping one another and it is notably prevalent in this close-knit community. To have experienced this harmonious gesture is surely going to be an enriching cultural voyage for any vistitors.

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Ariffin Gadait (Homestay Coordinator)

Article last reviewed: December 2, 2021

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