Tagal Poturidong Village, Kiulu

2km from Kiulu town at Tulung-Mantob village, is the Tagal Poturidong Recreational area. Like many gazetted ‘Tagal’ area in Sabah, fishing activity is off-limit and it is usually for a certain period of time. This is a unique effort by the local communities in conserving and controlling their resources for sustainable livelihood. The ‘Tagal’ system in Kiulu has been developed by the villagers with the guidance from the Sabah Fisheries Department.

Visitors looking for relaxation and fun time with family and friends can enjoy dipping their feet in the river, allowing the friendly fishes to give harmless ‘kisses’ and natural massages. Occasionally you can see white water rafters passing by the area and making a stop to experience this nature joy.

The area provides basic facilities for campers and overnight guests.  Rafting activity can also be arranged ahead with the coordinator at Tagal Poturidong Recreational area.

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Tagal Poturidong Village Community

  • +60 19 884 4451
  • +60 16 822 7347
  • +60 19 872 6881
  • +60 19 871 6312
Article last reviewed: December 2, 2021

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