Pantai Ria, Kampung Tangkol

If you need a natural space to have fun, to enjoy a good swimming time, and to have ample space for leisure picnic or bbq with friends and families, Pantai Ria at Kampung Tangkol gives you the convenience to live it up.  Among the favourite list of things to play at the site is river-tubing. Rent the big rubber float and feel the joy of moving freely with the water current. You’ll feel more relax and refresh with an uplifting sense of nature around you. However, a lifejacket is always recommended for the inexperienced swimmer. Visitors will be charged with minimal entrance fees but provided with basic facilities like toilets, huts and parking space.

By self-drive, the place is easily reached about 30 minutes from Kota Marudu town and open everyday from 8am to 5pm.

Product Contact

MTPD KM Pejabat Daerah Kota Marudu,
Peti Surat No. 128, 89100, Kota Marudu

or contact Rozie Daud (010-9514412)

  • +60 88 661 416
  • +60 10 951 4412
Article last reviewed: December 2, 2021

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