Serinsim Park (Kinabalu Park substation)

Serinsim is popular among the locals as a place for enjoying family picnics, camping and swimming. A 10 acres deer farm is also located within the vicinity of the park. Apart from bathing in the cool river, visitors to this place should not miss a visit to the historical site, the tomb of a giant named Gambaliu claimed to be 24 feet tall, according to local stories. Not far from Gambaliu’s gravesite is the tomb of the famous Dusun warrior born in Serinsim named Sigunting who fought the British between 1894 – 1901.

Jungle trekking to the 12-meter high Misumpak Waterfall and soaking your feet in the refreshing cool water of the naturally created pool at the base of the waterfall will definitely be worth all the sweat once you reach the waterfall. Those planning to visit the waterfall need to hire a guide, which can be done through Sabah Parks.

For more adventure, jungle trek and climb to the bat cave located 5.5km away from the park’s compound. Going to the bat cave must be escorted by a guide. Interesting plants including begonia and a few types of fungi can be seen while trekking to this cave.  

A peak named by the locals as Mount Nambuyukong is accessible from the Serinsim substation. At the height of 1,603.57m, Mount Nombuyukon can be conquered in one day. It takes approximately 5 hours to reach the peak, a total of 10 hours for a return trip with a total distance of 13km. A guide is required to climb this mountain. Another trekking option is the Birds Observation trail which covers a distance of 3km. 

Chalets, hostels and camping style accommodation are available for visitors planning to overnight in the park. 

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Article last reviewed: June 18, 2021

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