Perdana Park, Tanjung Aru

Perdana Park offers one of the best seats in town to enjoy a spectacular sunset on a clear day. Visitors can also enjoy a good meal at any of the eateries available here. The main attraction of Perdana Park is none other than the musical water fountain which comes alive from 4:00pm to 6:00pm, Mondays to Thursdays. On weekends, the performance runs an extra half hour. Each sessions runs for 20 minutes with 10-minutes intervals.

The water fountain is fascinatingly synchronized to the accompanying music and lights, creating a dazzling visual display. Children especially love watching the sudden bursts of water, sprouting and leaping in the air to the sounds of local tunes such as ‘Sayang Kinabalu’ as well as classical favourites by the likes of Mozart.

The park is handicap-friendly with wheelchair ramps and reserved parking space for the disable. Entrance to the park is free but parking charges apply.