Pinahawon Masakat View & Kolonutan Hill

At Pinahawon Masakat View, expect an exciting outdoor adventure, starting with their hiking trail to 575m high Kolonutan Hill. The trail will direct you through some rugged path and uphill climb. But not to be missed out, anticipate getting wet as you explore the waterfall and prepare to see ‘Gakod Runggou’, the protruding giant buttress root of a tree, definitely a stunner to look at.

The place is known for its Masakot Survival Camp too. Many youths and student group have selected this place as their team building location. It provides visitors with an exciting way to learn traditional survival skills while camping in a semi-wild environment.

Set in Pinahawon Village Inanam, the place is accessible by car via the Jalan Tuaran-Kiulu road and about 1.5 hrs to reach from Kota Kinabalu City. The team at Pinahawon Masakat View and Kolonutan Hill can arrange a day trip or an overnight package depending on your respective interest. Normally, your day trip package includes KadazanDusun traditional food for lunch, however further arrangement for other meals can be easily sorted with the coordinator.

The main area of the place has basic accommodation, washrooms, ample parking space, a multipurpose hall, camping gear for rent and barbeque pits.




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Pinahawon Masakat View & Kolonutan Hill
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Article last reviewed: December 2, 2021

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