Sosodikon Hill

Sosodikon is derived from the dusun language word ‘sodik,’ which refers to a type of traditional trap used in the past by the local community to catch animals such as deer, squirrels, birds, and other small animals. In the past, when this hill area was still thickly forested, the local community of “villagers” would frequently come here to set traps. Sosodikon refers to a place where traps can be laid. The name Sosodikon has been increasingly commercialised in recent years, as many climbers are enthralled by the beauty of the peak of Sosodikon Hill, from which they can enjoy the magnificient view of Kundasang.


Sosodikon Hill Kg Kauluan Kundasang is located near the Desa Cattle Dairy Farm Kundasang, and the entrance to Sosodikon Hill is located adjacent to the dairy farm village entrance. This attraction is about 800 metres from the main road to Kg Mesilau.

The small hill will lead visitors on a leisure short hiking trails with a rewarding view. The distance between the starting point and the peak is approximately 400 metres, and reaching the peak normally takes about 10 minutes. The Sonsodikon Hill summit is a hiking activity appropriate for families and people of all ages, including children and the elderly. This trekking excursion does not require a guide and visitors can climb on their own.

Visitors are required to register by walk-in at the counter during operational hours. The counter and access to Sosodikon Hill is open from 6am to 5pm daily.

Entrance fee is applicable:
Malaysian : Adult (13 years and above) RM 5, Child  (7-12 years) RM3
International visitor: Adult RM 10, Child RM 5
Free admission for children 6 years old and below.

*Price stated is correct at the time published*

To reach this place, visitors can take a minibus or taxi from Jalan Padang Bus Station with directions to Kundasang/Ranau. Communicate with driver for drop-off at Kundasang town and from there onwards, visitor will have to get a private charter vehicle.   Alternatively, one can self-drive, use e-hailing services from Kota Kinabalu City or enquire with their selected tour operator to add this excursion.

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Article last reviewed: August 16, 2022

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