Tawau Hills Park

Tawau Hills Park

A must visit place in Tawau, the park is home to numerous plant and animal species. It is most well-known as the home of giant tropical tree species, the Shorea faguetiana (commonly known as Yellow Meranti).

When in Tawau Hills Park, check out the Lowland Gardens, home to an astounding selection of flora, such as the Elephant Ear Orchid (Phalaenopsis gigantea), which is endemic to Borneo.

Tawau Hills Park is also a favourite spot for hikers looking to train their endurance. The challenging hilly terrain has three main elevations – Mount Magdalena (1310 metres), Mount Lucia ( 1202 metres) and Mount Maria ( 1083 metres). All climbers should register to obtain a permit from Sabah Parks before climbing. Mountain guides and porters are available for hire too.

Other attractions in this magnificent park are the hot spring, Table Waterfall, and Galas Waterfall. It’s no surprise that Tawau Hills Park has grown in popularity as a picnic destination for families and friends, as well as for outdoor enthusiasts looking to spend the night camping beneath the stars. KOKTAS operates  the chalets and hostels for anyone seeking a more pleasant environment.

Many people visit Tawau Hills Park during the school holidays or at weekends. For those who would like to avoid crowds, weekdays are the best time to explore.

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Article last reviewed: April 8, 2024

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