Tawau Tanjung Market

Equipped with 6,000 stalls, the Tawau Tanjung Market is said to be the largest indoor market in the whole of Malaysia. It’s a community marketplace where you can explore the local goods and discover the culture at the same time.

The ground floor of this market is where you can find foodstuff such as fresh fruits, keropok amplang (amplang crackers), Indonesian-made dried crackers, and other fresh produce.

On the first floor, you can find dried preserved food such as dried salted fish, dried anchovies and dried prawns which Tawau is famous for.

If you’re a fan of interesting wooden crafts and decorative items such as hand-woven baskets, placemats and other souvenirs, the top floor of the Tanjung Market, which is known as ‘Pasar Gantung’ or Hang Market, offers a plethora of goods.

Don’t forget to bargain before you buy!

Product Contact

Majlis Perbandaran Tawau,
P/s No. 412,
Sabah, Malaysia.

  • +60 89 701 698
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  • +60 89 701 604
Article last reviewed: April 8, 2024

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