Tenom – Yong Farmstay

Located within a plantation area, Yong Farmstay is an established farmstay fit for a family. It offers many attractions and activities such as a walk around the mini zoo or a tour to the historical bamboo house which brings out a nostalgic feel to visitors. The Ken Lin memorial house museum is equally intriguing and houses a lot of valuable antiques collected over the years.

While the giant 40ft 2D map of Sabah stood out the most the minute you enter the farmstay, the exciting glass bridge behind it shouldn’t be missed. ATV is available for rental for anyone up to some thrilling ride around the rugged plantation area.

To those planning to spend overnight, Yong Farmstay also offers a comfortable choice of accommodation, and a restaurant is available within the premises.

Entrance Ticket :
Adult : RM 28.00
Children/Student : RM 15.00

*Price stated is correct at the time published*

Product Contact

  • +60 10 952 2269
  • +60 14 380 9339
Article last reviewed: April 14, 2023

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