5 Foods To Tingle Taste Buds

Citrarasa Sabah, an event hosted by the magnificent Malaysia. The event features a wide collection of hotels participating in the culinary contest. I was lucky enough to visit during this time of the year. Why miss an experience of signature ‘Sabahan’ dishes! When it comes to traditional food, Sabah has many simple yet delicious dishes which are mainly pickled or preserved, due to the absence of refrigerators and gas kitchens until recent decades. Nevertheless, traditional cuisine continues to be favored by the younger generations until today. If you’re a foreign tourist, a visit to Sabah will not be complete without sampling one or two of traditional ‘Sabahan’ dishes. It will definitely be a gastronomic adventure of a lifetime!

Soak in the spice of Pinasakan

Sabah traditional food

The dish is sometimes known as Pinasakan Sada or simply Pinasakan. It is made of braised basung fish mixed with takob akob, which is a tangy wild fruit mainly harvested for its skin. As a spice food lover, this was next to heaven for me. Not just that, the dish was topped with fresh turmeric, salt and slices of Bambagan. For a preserved food that is eaten for days, the taste remains consistent, which amazed me. The talk with the chef was informative as he took me through the process of cooking this dish and made it sound so simple. Pinasakan goes well with rice or ambuyat and a dash of sambal.

Come and eat to your heart’s delight in Sabah, which offers you near perfect blend of traditional cuisine with a modern touch.
Last reviewed: December 14, 2018

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