Best Luxury Resort in Sabah Borneo – Borneo Rainforest Lodge

In an overly digital world, at Borneo Rainforest Lodge visitors can find that rejuvenating connection with nature and more importantly, a reconnection to one another.

Have you ever come across a photo, possibly in a magazine or in an advertisement, which completely grabbed your attention? My fascination with Borneo Rainforest Lodge, in Sabah, started this way. One day, I was on Pinterest, trying to satisfy my wanderlust by scrolling through inspirational travel photos.

I came across a photo of a canopy walk, hanging high above a misty rainforest. At that moment, I was determined to someday escape to this far-off place full of wildlife, adventure, and natural beauty.

When the day came when we finally arrived at the lodge in Sabah, it was hard not to get emotional. I felt I was amid a great travel icon. It was no different than standing at the base of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or Rome’s Colosseum.


While on a night safari, we were lucky enough to spot a flying squirrel soaring from tree to tree.

During our stay, we lived life in the best possible way. We were explorers by day and dined like royalty at night.

This was one of the most romantic dinners of our life! We dined on local dishes while being serenaded by the sounds of the rainforest at night. Over dessert, we spotted a family of Sambar deer crossing the river.

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Last reviewed: January 25, 2023

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