BEST Motorcycle Routes in Sabah: Exploring Scenic Landscapes

If you’re an avid motorcyclist looking for the best motorcycle routes in Sabah, you’re in luck. Sabah is home to some of the most scenic and exciting motorcycle routes in Malaysia. From twisty mountain roads to coastal highways, Sabah has something for every type of rider.

If I had to choose the most beautiful state in Malaysia, Sabah would be my choice because it has so much to offer: picturesque scenery, spectacular mountains, blue beaches, surreal sunsets, rich culture, friendliest people, winding roads, waterfalls, national parks and more!

I have clocked over 5000+ KM riding in Sabah alone over the past few years. In my honest opinion, the best motorcycle riding routes in Sabah are in the northern & West Coast part. The routes toward central (Sandakan) and South (Tawau) are boring and dangerous because;

  • It’s busy because it’s a main road towards central and south of Sabah
  • Too many lorries and busses
  • It’s narrow and has road hazards. Just too many potholes.
  • More long stretch roads instead of winding.

If you just want to enjoy the best motorcycle riding routes in Sabah, it can be done within a week at a comfortable pace.

However, an extended Tour that circumnavigates the whole of Sabah requires 14 days to cover about 2,800 km. If you have the time to explore more, you can read my other post about Sabah Road Trip.

I’ve spent countless amount of hours gathering information and recce the areas to ensure the routes that I recommend are not only fun but it’s safe, especially for first-timers.

Check out Chris’ write-up on this here for more information and his itinerary.

Last reviewed: April 18, 2023

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