Best things to do in Kinabalu National Park

Hiking or Jungle Trekking

In the vicinity of Kinabalu Park Headquarter is a vast network of jungle trails for tourists to explore the eco-treasures inside the cloud forest of Kinabalu National Park.

Jungle Trekking - Photo courtesy of Murphy Ng

Bird Watching

Kinabalu National Park is internationally recognised as an Important Bird Area (IBA). Just bring a binocular for a morning walk in the park, you would spot endemic birds such as Bornean Treepie and Chestnut-crested Yuhina.

Birdwatching - Photo courtesy of Murphy Ng

Mount Kinabalu Botanical Garden

Kinabalu National Park has more than 4,500 species of flora and fauna. Mount Kinabalu Botanical Garden has some interesting collections of plants, flowers and herbs from Kinabalu National Park, for example rare orchids, native pitcher plants.

Staycation in the Park

The cooling temperature and spectacular view of Mount Kinabalu make this park an outstanding staycation destination. You can choose different types of accommodation, from hostel, chalet, villa to lodge, whichever suits your budget.

Botanical Garden - Photo courtesy of Murphy Ng
DESA Farm Courtesy of Murphy Ng

Nearby Attractions

You would miss out a lot if you do not go outside the park. The following are some recommended fun activities near Kinabalu National Park.

  1. Canopy Walk on tree top and hot bath in sulphur springs at Poring Hot Springs
  2. See blooming Rafflesia, one of the biggest flowers in the world
  3. DESA Dairy Farm, the New Zealand of the East
  4. Learn the history of WW2 at Kundasang War Memorial
  5. Climbing Maragang Hill to have one of the most magnificent view of Mt. Kinabalu
  6. Shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables in Kundasang
Last reviewed: July 14, 2021

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