Sabah Islamic Civilisation Museum


The Sabah Islamic Civilisation Museum is situated on a spacious 2-hectare site within the Sabah Museum Complex.

Designed in the graceful likeness of a mosque, the museum architectural design harmoniously integrates Islamic motifs, symbolising its role as the guardian of invaluable historical Islamic artefacts.

The mosque’s central dome and four smaller domes artfully represent the Five Pillars of Islam. Islamic design elements are prominent on the building’s exterior.

Stepping inside, visitors encounter a fascinating array of artefacts from diverse corners of the world—Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Iran, India—as well as locally from Nusantara, Malaysia, and Sabah. These artefacts hold a special significance in the annals of Islamic civilisation globally.

The museum’s displays provide a glimpse into the past, highlighting the spread of Islam throughout Southeast Asia and its arrival in Sabah. The exhibition also underscores the pivotal role and contributions of Islamic civilisation to broader communities.

Educational, and culturally enriching, the Sabah Islamic Civilisation Museum is a gateway to exploring the legacy of Islam’s journey and its profound influence on the world.

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(+60) 088 – 238501, (+60) 088 – 238502

Last reviewed: September 18, 2023

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