Tawau Hills Park– a pleasant unplanned family getaway!

After a long queue of security check/road block from Lahad Datu to Tawau, a few toilet stops and a slow ride later we arrived to the closed gate of Tawau Hills Park at 5:10pm. We had no reservations. We were mentally prepared that if there were no availability that we will stay in Tawau town…

Thankfully, with the friendly assistance from the team at Tawau Hills Park we managed to get a chalet for two nights stay here. As we walked to the chalet, we entered a world of green Eden. Walkways shaded by tall, lush khaki and emerald coloured trees, the sound of running water coming from nearby river & waterfall, hanging and solid bridges were sighted. Our presence somewhat interrupted the social gathering of the mischievous macaques, a few huge monitor lizards and squirrels.

Komodo Dragon

We walked on the well guided path to the waterfall and river. The monitor lizards here were huge and perhaps too familiar with the presence of human. They did not run away neither did they pose any threats towards us. At one point it felt as if we were in Komodo Island where the giant lizards were clearly showing off their presence…

Last reviewed: August 11, 2020

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