U-Dream Yacht Trip: A Core Memory

October 9th is one of the days that I will never forget. We had an evening yacht trip that was scheduled from 2 P.M. to 7 P.M. on a Sunday. The starting point of the yacht trip was at the STAR Marina Jetty in Shang-Ri La Tanjung Aru Resort (STAR). The yacht that we boarded was the U-Dream Yacht – a fully equipped sailing yacht – which is one of the four yachts available, managed by Sunbear Travel and Tours Sdn. Bhd. The maximum number of people that can board this particular vessel is around 24 people including the four crew members.

To get to the jetty, the closest way is to enter Shang-Ri La’s tennis court. There will be a sign that says “Marina Jetty” on one of the fence’s posts and beside it is a little gate. The tennis court has a vast car park, so you can just park your car there. From there, you must walk along the pathway to the sea, there will be a jetty and the building to the right will be the meeting point. For registration and briefing purposes, it is best to come half an hour early to settle those, because you would not want to miss every precious minute filled with delightful possibilities.

When it was boarding time, a guide brought us to the deck and one by one we boarded the yacht. During boarding, they advised us to take off our slippers – which they will collect and place at a designated spot in the yacht – so as to avoid slipping right into the waters. And, if you are still scared of boarding the rocking vessel they will lend an arm or wrist or hand for support – such a wonderful gesture!

The whole of our journey to the destination was filled with catchy songs and amazing voices – there was a karaoke set-up inside the yacht with an L-shaped couch to lounge and enjoy the amazing high tea munchies served before us. My friends sang their hearts out and were the superstars of the day! When the tides become a little rockier along the way, and dizziness catches you, you can take a short nap in one of the cabins provided below deck – trust me, because this happened to me and I napped the whole way to the destination, even when we were going back to the mainland. The provided rooms are a plus, in my opinion, because they provide comfort – not to mention a place to settle down the dizziness from possible motion sickness – and a mini-hotel feel.

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Upon arrival at the recreation spot – near Gaya Island, you get to enjoy your time by going down a slide straight to the ocean, there are huge floats to relax atop the waves, there is even a clear kayak to hop on which is an aesthetic activity where one can get Insta-worthy pics, apart from the excitement of paddling around the perimeter. For those who cannot swim – like me teehee – there are also life jackets provided in the yacht. So, be sure to put them on before you hop into the sea, also have a friend with you the whole time if it is your first time swimming in the deeper side of the ocean.

Video: U Dream

The outer part of the yacht has more seats and lounging areas. If you are still wet after a swim, you can chill around the outer area to dry yourself and watch your friends or family playing in the waters. Atop the deck, at the yacht’s bow, you can even recreate the iconic “You jump, I jump” scene from the movie, Titanic, with your friends or your partner *wink*.

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The most dazzling highlight of the yacht trip is when you are able to watch the sunset dipping into the horizon, staining the fading blue sky with breathtaking hues of pink, yellow, and orange.


Also, do not forget to bring a towel, swimwear, a tube of sunscreen, and mini toiletries. Oh! And a dry bag or plastic bag too, for you to store your soaked swimwear. After enjoying the waves, the sky, the attractions, there are also bathrooms provided in every room to wash the sea salt off of you. The cabins will also provide a private space for you to store your belongings and to change your clothing or to freshen up.

Our fun day ended with a nice and satisfying buffet-style dinner at around 6 P.M. and throughout the way to the jetty. Each meal provided was superb in taste, and the seafood was definitely fresh. Kudos to the Shang-Ri La team for the amazing meal and desserts. We arrived at the jetty as scheduled, at around 7 P.M..

The experience was an unquestionable core memory for me because I tend to avoid attractions that have anything to do with the sea. So, the U-Dream Yacht trip was a first and I can definitely say that this first is the most pleasurable so far.

For the ones who are not a fan of the sea – like me, the saying goes, “You’ll never know unless you try”.


I tried it, and I definitely loved it. Now, it is your turn!


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Last reviewed: February 2, 2023

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