Green Cottage Trading, Hidden Garden

The Green Cottage Trading located at Signal Hill about 18 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu city. Green Cottage Trading conducts business and services related to landscaping, nursery, area cleaning, supplying fertilizers, flowers, vegetables, fruits and agricultural products. Along with the company’s mission and vision, Green Cottage Trading also has a long-term plan to make the existing nursery area one of the attractive places for locals and tourists to visit.

Product Facilities

Basic Facilities

  • Restaurant
  • Toilets
  • Private Entertainment
  • The Art Shop
  • Mell Grocery Shop


  • Gardening Flowers
  • Joy Walk
  • Aquaponics Plants Farm

Product Contact

Norismah Binti Abd Rahim
No. 20A, Jln Kuala Laut, Kg Likas,
88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Article last reviewed: June 23, 2023

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