Seatango Sunset Cruise

Credit: Murphy Ng
Credit: Murphy Ng

A grand way to begin your night out in Kota Kinabalu City or a romantic end to your day of sightseeing either way, you’ll fall in love with Kota Kinabalu from a whole new angle. Get acquainted with Sabah’s world famous sunset, cruise pass coastal landmarks and as night falls, soak up the city lights.

When the sun goes down & the city begins to light up, Kota Kinabalu takes on a whole new look. This sunset experience out at sea adds a whole new dimension to the beauty that envelopes the already charming laid-back town. Besides, whoever said that sunsets are only enjoyable from a beach hasn’t seen it from our side!

Hop onto our spacious custom-built catamaran and get in touch with Sabah’s coastal charisma as you sail into the famous Kota Kinabalu sunset, Departing from Sutera Harbor Marina Club Jetty.

Credit: Murphy Ng
Credit: Murphy Ng

Come as you are, sandals or shorts, this is a casual & relaxed affair. Cruise past the enchanting Tunku Abdul Rahman Islands that dot the South China Sea, indulge in outstanding ocean vistas from our sun-deck & delight in tasty tropical treats, including cordial, coffee and tea.

This guided-tour includes brief narrations of the Historical, Cultural and Architectural splendors of Sabah as you glide along Gaya Island Water Village, the rocky outcrops of Likas Bay and the whole stretch of Kota Kinabalu City’s Waterfront, all in the warm glow of twilight.

Get those cameras on stand-by, Kota Kinabalu can get wildly photogenic too.



Light Refreshments, Cordial Juice, Drinking Water & Snacks


Things to bring:

  • Sun hat
  • Sun block lotion
  • Hat / Cap
  • Camera

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Sea Tango Sunset Cruise

Article last reviewed: August 16, 2022

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